EN / IT is an evolving, spontaneous and formless collaboration between Fabio and Luca.

Fabio Salvadori

ICF Associate Certified Coach, Certified Human Potential Coach and Facilitator for Individual and Organizations

Luca Salvini

EMCC ITCA Certified Team Coach,
Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach,
Certified Human Potential Coach and Facilitator for Organizations


Presence being here and now

By being present, we nourish awareness and creativity. Present to oneself, to others and to what happens inside and outside of us. To us, being present to the process of others is a deliberate and conscious practice, because only when all parties involved are embraced and engaged, real transformation is possible.

Impermanence being in motion

Movement is the natural state of every living being. Embracing impermanence and removing resistance to your natural flow is the key to full realization. Our commitment is to help you see what you can remove so your energy can freely flow in and through everything you do.

Challenge being courageous

Learning begins at the boundaries of our knowledge. By challenging ourselves to go beyond limiting stories and beliefs, we can access the infinite opportunities that we cannot yet see.

Collaboration being one

We have overcome the dichotomy “us and them” to live a holistic vision in which only “us” exists; from the presence that we bring to projects to the removal of barriers or the unconditional sharing of what we create.

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